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My Parents Are Bronies! It has been one year since the liberation of Ponyville from Queen Chrysalis and her Changeling swarm. When the town started to rebuild paranoia and hatred slowly crawled 77386 sex adverts the streets creating distrust among the citizens, the link between Lady want nsa Anza Elements of Harmony and Twilight and her friends has 77386 sex adverts broken and the entire kingdom is now suffering.

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Civil unrest prowls the outer 77386 sex adverts and enemies of Equestria are threatening to take over. Now in an act of desperation Princess Celestia has called upon a former exile for help.

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His mission is simple, go to his former home planet, retrieve the Creator 77386 sex adverts return to restore the balance of Harmony. The whole fate of Equestria rests on these two humans, but will they be tolerated among the Equestrians?

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Wanna fuck in Pinama Also there are a lot more characters that are going to be featured in this story but I'm unable to add the tags for them because of limitations. Read this chapter to get an idea as to what to do 77386 sex adverts the project. Was a good read, seems interesting. Found these two mistakes but otherwise, well done. I found it hard to visualize a few of Scott's gestures but that's just a 77386 sex adverts.

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You see, after the Changeling liberation Equestria has 77386 sex adverts started to crumble and the Balance of Harmony is at stake.

If we do not restore it then we will be thrown into a thousand years of disharmony. What the hell is with the "thousand year" increments?

One thousand years ago What the hell is it with millenia? Every eex years 77386 sex adverts hell breaks loose. Exactly years after all that BS happened I almost didn't want to start this when I saw it was on hiatus So are you going to continue this story anytime soon or what?

77386 sex adverts got other fics and a book to write as well. I'm still waiting for that artist to get swx to me about the coverart though.

It's been about four months, I think 77386 sex adverts it's done. Question 77386 sex adverts, where is the damn thing? As I look back this plot just seems kinda dumb to me now, I dunno, maybe I'll work on this in the future but as of now no.

I've got better avderts in the works. I hope the hiatus ends soon, really enjoying the story so far.

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I have to say that I have been enjoying this story. I do hope you take the time to 77386 sex adverts this story.

I am sorry to hear that you are losing your taste for this story and may not complete it.

I do hope you change your mine. Heh, Pinkie will always be Pinkie.

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Story Lists What's Hot? You seem to have javascript disabled, or your browser is failing to execute it 77386 sex adverts. Much of Fimfiction's functionality requires javascript so we suggest you turn it on! Member Since 23rd Sep, offline last seen 5 hours ago Advrets.

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T Legacy of Dragons advrets Knights. T Metroid Equis II: Set The World On Fire. T The Darkness inside. E The Mane Six Play: T The Final Crusade.

Vanguard Of Harmony - Fimfiction

T Agent of Chaos. E Was It Worth It? Statistics Blog Posts Download. More Less Chapters Mar 6th, Download. Viewing 1 - 77386 sex adverts of But the again, Scott has gotta do what he needs to do. And Douglas leaves his mark.

77386 sex adverts Want Nsa Sex

I must say will Douglas enter 73786 frey? This series is amazing. I hope the haiatus let's up soon. An awesome 77386 sex adverts if I say so myself. Not so New Brony. Stats Page generated in 0.