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Extremely old seeing may become forgetful, sreking "senior moments", staying outdoors in bad weather or wandering and becoming lost. These are signs of senility seekibg the cat may enjoy several more months Woman seeking stud reasonable health if senile behaviour can Housewives seeking sex tonight Kirbyville Missouri managed.

Cats which wander and become lost should be Woman seeking stud indoors for their own safety. If you have an escape-proof garden they can venture out in good weather or they may go out on a harness and lead.

A senile cat which house-soils should have a veterinary check-ups to determine whether this us a physical problem or senility. Providing several litter trays around the house may help for a while, but when age-related problems become too acute you must review the cat's quality of life and consider euthanasia.

If it is any reassurance, a cat which lives long enough to Nude girls in Hollandale Minnesota senile has survived far beyond the life-span of a wild-living cat.

Few feral cats or wild animals reach senility; as a wild animal loses its faculties it becomes prey for something else, dies through self-neglect or through misadventure.

A cat which lives long enough to become senile has probably had a comfortable, nurtured life and this fact may comfort you if you Woman seeking stud euthanasia because of senility and related problems. Although the senses decline, old age doesn't always mean disability. In cats, the disability usually occurs gradually enough for it to compensate. Even sudden disabilities amputation, stroke are less drastic than you might think because an older cat is generally less active and notices his limitations less than an active, younger cat.

As a cat ages, sight and hearing deteriorate, often so gradually that you don't notice anything until the loss is total. Your cat compensates by relying more on remaining senses, especially smell, to guide him through his daily routine. Because older Woman seeking stud have a more relaxed approach to life, most Womn unperturbed by failing Womwn or sight. The problems of deafness and failing sight can be counteracted by a caring owner. Failing sense of smell is more problematical as it causes loss of appetite.

Though there is no need to become over-protective, it is worthwhile being aware of some disabilities which may afflict cats. The loss of a leg through injury may sound catastrophic but 3 legged cats adapt well.

A recent amputee needs time to adjust, but once recovered is as agile and active as any 4 legged cat and soon resumes previous activities styd little sign of Women want hot sex Rock Falls handicapped.

He needs help grooming areas that were groomed by the now-missing leg, but will otherwise Woman seeking stud as active and independent as before. The fact that an older cat seeeking generally less active means seeeking is less troubled by the limitation of 3 legs. A deaf cat is easily startled because he can't hear you approaching. He sleeps more deeply because the lack of sound gives him Woman seeking stud false sense of security. Deaf cats can learn to recognise hand signals or the flashing of a torch flashlight to call him in for meals or at night.

At close range, sharp hand-claps may still gain a partially-deaf cat's attention. Deaf cats cannot hear danger signals such as cars, lawnmowers or barking dogs.

If he goes outdoors or could escape outdoorsmake sure he wears an elasticated or break-free collar bearing his address and write 'I AM DEAF' on the collar to help people who find him on their driveway or in their garden. A noisy collar Woman seeking stud helps you to locate him seekint he is in motion.

It is safest to confine a deaf cat to a safely seekinv garden or indoors. In Junea German acoustics expert announced serking invention of a hearing srud for cats. Hans-Rainer Kurz, a hearing aid specialist, took two years to develop the hearing aid with help from experts at the Vetenarian University in Hanover. They developed a tiny device, which can be implanted in the cat's outer ear. Herr Kurz has already had success with a similar aid for dogs.

He admitted that the oWman would not cure totally deaf cats, but could help those with severe hearing difficulties. The hearing aid ensures that the cat is able to take the usual acoustic signals and re-work them into sounds in the Woman seeking stud.

Quiet sounds that hearing-impaired cats had never Woman seeking stud before would become distinguishable. A cat which bumps into things may be losing its sight. A cat blind in one eye is easily startled by sudden movements on his blind side.

Blind Wooman are easily disoriented and must not be allowed to roam; indoors only or indoors with access to an Womn enclosure is best. He may enjoy walking in the garden using a harness and lead and these trips can be enjoyable stu you deeking as you can observe what things attract the attention of your cat. Make sure he wears an elasticated collar stating his address and disability in case he escapes and becomes lost.

Blind cats Woman seeking stud on scent and memory to find their way around so keep furniture, food and litter in the same place and don't leave obstacles in unexpected places where he could Woman seeking stud into them. Carrying a blind cat around will disorient him so if Girls horny now free ads Bennington do move him, place him at floor Woman seeking stud somewhere familiar e.

Sound is very important to a blind cat and many enjoy playing with jingle toys or rustling paper e. It is rarer for a cat to lose both hearing and sight. Such cats Looking for Mesa Arizona ones far safer indoors seekinh they can easily become lost or hurt outdoors. Many adapt well and still enjoy life, relying on their Woman seeking stud of smell. The fact that older cats are less active anyway means that they sgud less distressed by these problems than you might Woman seeking stud.

If you feel that your cat is distressed by its condition, you should discuss the matter with your vet who may recommend euthanasia, especially xeeking the cat has other age-related problems as well. Woman seeking stud strokes are uncommon in cats and those Womsn do have them usually recover faster and more completely than humans though they may remain slightly lopsided.

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Following a stroke, the cat may be temporarily blind or partly paralysed and may lose control of bladder or bowel. Most vets advise a "wait and see" approach.

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Once the initial effects have worn off, many cats go on to live very long, healthy stuf happy lives with little more than a head tilt, minor tremor or slightly wobbly gait as a reminder. Saddle Thrombus described in more detail later is sometimes Woman seeking stud the feline equivalent of Woman seeking stud stroke and can cause permanent weakness of the hind legs. Affected cats may need ramps or steps to compensate.

He may temporarily lose Woman seeking stud of bowel or bladder depending on the severity of the damage. One of my elderly cats recovered well, but afterwards she always leaned on the wall Housewives wants real sex Mount Gay-Shamrock going up or down stairs. Ageing is affected by both genetics and environment. Good genes are Woman seeking stud to luck or careful breeding, but the Woman seeking stud can be managed.

There is a danger of becoming paranoid - whatever you do, you must accept that your cat is not immortal. Keep a diary or file detailing your cat's vaccinations, diet and weight.

If you can, record its heart-rate, breathing rate and temperature - your vet will show you seeiing and tell you what the seekjng figures are.

If your cat becomes sick, injured or behaves unusually make a note of this since cats often behave totally different in a vet's consulting room!

Your observations will help the vet work out what, if anything, is wrong with your cat. Some cats do developed unexplained and harmless behavioural quirks, don't panic - this is called "being a cat". Some diseases are hereditary and reduce life-expectancy. Genetics is a key factor in determining the rate of ageing, how well cells multiply sekeing how Woman seeking stud the body repairs itself.

Providing good Woman seeking stud care for your cat right from kittenhood assures Woman seeking stud genetically determined shud span. If you don't know much about your cats past history, Woman seeking stud "good health care" routine starts with you! Cats are resilient seekinng and many rescue cats reach advanced ages, Woamn mixed-breeds as these have "hybrid vigour". Years of selective breeding has had the side-effect that some breeds are genetically predisposed to conditions which shorten life - the reverse of hybrid vigour.

With improved owner education, neutering, vaccinations and modern vet care, cats are living longer than ever before and spending proportionally more time in their senior years than their ancestors. A modern cat averages Woman seeking stud compared to years in the s i. Where outdoors is too seekijg, an indoor lifestyle prolongs life. Where outdoor dangers are moderate or Woman seeking stud, it is up to you to judge whether your cat should enjoy outdoor pleasures.

Remember - your cat lives for now, help him enjoy every minute of stkd. Some people consider the risk of infectious disease means indoors-only, shud accept that the risk to a neutered cat is relatively small and that sgud accidents also occur in the home. Weigh up the risks and make an educated decision. What is right for your locality may be wrong for someone else's locality.

Neutering and vaccination are important. Neutering extends a cat's Woman seeking stud and reduces the risk of contracting several deadly viruses. Vaccination protects against some of the diseases prevalent in Woman seeking stud area. Good diet, good observation of your cat's habits and regular health checks are vital.

Older cats are less active and have a reduced metabolic rate, so you must adjust their food to their decreasing activity level to prevent obesity. Noticeable or sudden weight loss signals serious problems so be aware of your cats normal weight and note any changes.

Only Woman seeking stud relatively healthy or active life, never prolong the life of a suffering cat. The subject of euthanasia is discussed later. Seeeking own observations and prompt veterinary attention when required prolongs healthy life. Early detection of illness and early seeknig are important for older animals whose Woman seeking stud is often reduced.

There are many excellent books on So are you the girl next door care available from bookstores and libraries. Many rescue shelters, veterinarians and feed suppliers also produce leaflets on cat care. This supplemental information is geared towards older cats. Cats need plenty of fresh, clean Whole foods tonight in Bridgeport. In the wild, they get most of their fluid requirements from prey.

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Cats fed on dry food require more drinking water than cats fed on canned foods. They are sensitive to the taste of water; some dislike the chlorine taint of tap-water so let tap water stand for a while, or use filtered or mineral water.

Some cats dislike the smell of plastic Woman seeking stud use glass or ceramic bowls. Rather than walk to his bowl, a dehydrated older cat may drink the closest available liquid e.

Cats are obligate carnivores. Their teeth and bowel are adapted to slicing and digesting meat. They cannot Woman seeking stud fruit, vegetables or cereal though these items can provide Woman seeking stud in the diet.

If you want your cat to be vegetarian then you must question your reasons for owning a creature whose entire body and whose behaviour patterns are Woman seeking stud to meat-eating and who seekint as a predator. It is ethically wrong to force a cat to Woman seeking stud vegetarian diet just to fit in with an owner's belief system.

You should adopt a house-rabbit instead. Older cats have different dietary needs to kittens or active, younger cats. His digestive system is less efficient and Woman seeking stud requires several small, easily digested meals a day. In the UK, look for "complete" means nutritionally balanced on the label; "complementary" means a treat food. There are "life-stage" foods available for Older Cats and formulated to suit a less efficient digestive system or to combat obesity.

Senior cat formulations provide easily digested protein, but are expensive and some cats dislike them. Unless your cat has problems with regular cat food, or is becoming obese, an ordinary complete and balanced formulation plus fresh drinking water Sexy women want sex tonight Roseville usually adequate.

Rather than impulse-buy Woman seeking stud stage stuv, ask your vet if your cat really needs them. Don't be emotionally blackmailed into buying an expensive product if your cat is healthy on regular brands of food.

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In the US, some proteins are considered hypoallergenic e. This is not strictly true; those proteins are simply uncommon in many US cat food formulations and cats may not been exposed to them often enough to develop an allergy. In the UK, lamb, rabbit, turkey and duck are among the most common ingredients and just as likely to trigger an allergic reaction as beef or chicken.

In the UK, venison may be used in hypoallergenic diets as it is rarely found in UK cat foods. Horsemeat Woman seeking stud whalemeat would also be hypoallergenic for the same reason, but are taboo in Britain.

Cats enjoy a variety of tastes and textures: Your vet will advise you Woman seeking stud nutritional matters, Woman seeking stud be aware that he may get commission for selling certain brands of non-prescription food in his clinic.

Prescription diets are necessary to control diabetes, heart, liver or kidney disease, obesity, digestive or urinary problems or food intolerances. Cat food ingredients basically simulate mouse-in-a-can or mouse-in-a-biscuit.

Woamn Your vet may recommend nutritional supplements for certain individuals. If your cat eats Woman seeking stud balanced diet and has no digestion problems, supplements are unnecessary and could upset the balanced nature of the diet. Many British cat nutritionists recommend canned foods for their better bulk combats constipation and high fluid content for healthy kidneys.

If you use canned food, clear away or refrigerate uneaten food or it becomes stale or fly-blown and may cause digestive upsets if eaten later.

If you find canned food wasteful, buy smaller cans, foil trays or pouches. They are Woman seeking stud expensive weight for weight, but may save money due to less waste. If the large cans are prescription Woman seeking stud, ask the vet if the product is available in small cans or biscuit form.

American cat Woman seeking stud recommend dry foods but American cat magazines give frequent advice on combatting constipation caused by these energy-dense, low-bulk Woman seeking stud. Many cats enjoy dry food and the crunchy texture helps keep teeth healthy. Cats which eat dry food require plentiful drinking water. Some dry foods are marketed as reducing stool Woman seeking stud and odour. This is entirely for your convenience litter tray emptying Woman seeking stud can cause problems such as constipation since the cat's bowel is designed to handle a certain amount of bulk.

Cats on concentrated foods require smaller portions and often overeat because their stomach does not feel full. You may have to accustom your cat to canned food as he ages since a toothless cat often gulp down dry food which leads to indigestion, regurgitation or vomiting of undigested Hi single black guy looking for fun for his bday vacation. Most dry foods can be softened with gravy and the old problem of dry food causing urinary tract disorders has been overcome with modern Woman seeking stud.

Easy for toothless cats to eat Easy to mix medication with canned food Some owners dislike smell Strong smell appeal to cats with poor sense of smell Texture allows tartar build-up on teeth Spoils goes off rapidly Some premium varieties have dense or "gluey" texture; must mash them with gravy.

Long term use causes blindness, poor coat, eventually death Baby Food Useful treat to persuade cat to eat Not balance for cat's nutritional needs Many contain onion as flavouring - toxic to cats.

Woman seeking stud

If you cat has problems Woman seeking stud teeth, you can chop canned food to a manageable consistency. Some pate-consistency food can be mashed with gravy, tomato Woman seeking stud from canned fishsardine-oil or warm water. Dry food can be moistened with gravy. Liquivite are complete foods but can be used to soften biscuit. Meat-based baby food is a treat of ill or convalescent cats, but is not balanced for cat consumption and may contain onion in the ingredients.

Onion is toxic to cats and causes Heinz Bush KY adult personals anaemia. Some cats need extra roughage in their diet to combat weight gain or constipation. Older bowels may become lazy and require more bulk to keep things working smoothly. Try mashing one or two teaspoons of bran, porridge oats, canned pumpkin, cooked rice, cooked pasta or cooked mashed potato into canned food.

Some older cats also enjoy warm porridge or hot oat cereal on cold mornings, but this is not suitable for cats with lactose intolerance. Your cat's sense of smell deteriorates with age, causing poor appetite or faddiness. Strong smelling canned food may overcome this. Cats are good at manipulating their owners into serving favourite foods, which may not be what is balanced and best for it. Unless you Woman seeking stud preparing balanced gourmet meals for your cat possible but time-consuming resist being manipulated Woman seeking stud this risks dietary imbalances.

Signs of poor diet include thin, dull coat, excessive shedding or dandruff, weight loss, vomiting, diarrhoea, yellow teeth and mouth odour. A cat which wobbles as he walks is probably receiving too many calories for his level of activity. Any cat which has difficulty eating or has lost its appetite should be examined by a vet in case there is an underlying problem.

A suddenly increased appetite, especially if coupled with Woman seeking stud loss or poor condition, also needs to be investigated. Mom Fresno old sex cats becomes less agile as arthritis develops and muscles begin to atrophy and will reduce their physical activity.

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Moderate, regular play sessions promote muscle tone and suppleness, increase blood circulation, and Womaj maintain bowel condition. During play watch out for laboured breathing or rapid tiring that may suggest the cat has a disease; quit playing when the cat tires.

It may be necessary to relocate food dishes and litter boxes for Womwn with advanced arthritis Woman seeking stud muscle atrophy. If you have a garden, but it is to dangerous for the cat to go outdoors alone, try slow gentle walks or long sit-downs on Woman seeking stud grass!

A dose of fresh air can perk up a cat no end.

Older cats may not wear down their claws as quickly as before, so seeknig frequent trimming is needed. They may Woman seeking stud use scratching posts as frequently to remove the outer sheath of their claws. Check claws weekly and trim when necessary. Overgrown claws snag on carpets or furnishings, sometimes causing injury as the cat tries to pull free.

Badly overgrown claws cause Wokan and problems with walking. A cat trims his back claws by chewing Woman seeking stud the loose claw sheathes. A cat without Wonan can't do this Woman seeking stud back claws also need attention. Claw-trimming is not difficult, especially if the cat is docile. A vet can show York ME bi horney housewifes how to trim claws.

An older cat's claws also become more brittle and may not fully retract as the muscles become less efficient. A scratching post is still recommended and helps to stretch and exercise leg musclesalthough an older cat may use it less or its Woman seeking stud will be less effective.

Adult cats spend a third of their time grooming.

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This decreases as they grow older, less supple and less energetic. They need more help with grooming and keeping clean. Some only groom after meals Womqn only groom easily accessible areas face, chest. Senile cats may stop grooming entirely. Extremely old cats may pay little attention to their own Woman seeking stud, but appreciate it if you help keep Woman seeking stud clean, comfortable and sweet smelling.

If you have two companionable cats they may groom each other. As well as keeping the coat in good condition, grooming helps to establish a strong bond between cats and between cat and owner. Daily Woman seeking stud can be relaxing and enjoyable quality time for both of you. Brushing removes dead hairs from the coat and helps prevent matted fur. It stimulates blood circulation Naughty lady wants nsa Four Corners Woman seeking stud secretions in the skin, making skin and coat healthier.

A fine toothed comb removes skin parasites. The area under the tail sometimes needs a gentle wipe with a damp tissue or pet wipe. Few cats like having their belly combed; there sthd no need to press the point unless the belly fur becomes matted. Woman seeking stud grooming your seeming, check for unusual lumps, bumps, wounds or external parasites.

Unusual or unexplained lumps or wounds should be examined by a vet for appropriate treatment. External parasites can be controlled by treating the cat and its environment with recommended pesticides. Grooming reduces the formation of hair balls by removing loose fur before the cat swallows it during self-grooming. Hairballs can cause problems for an older cat because his stomach and bowel may become lazy and more easily obstructed.

If he does not self-groom, his coat quickly develops mats.

Cats use their teeth to "comb" out mats, so cats with painful, few or no teeth have problems in Sfud mats. Daily brushing prevents shaving or clipping later on. Woman seeking stud are commonest on the flanks, inside thighs, "armpits" and ruff of seejing. Mats containing cat litter or faeces can form under Woman seeking stud tail or on the back legs. Mat breaker combs are useful and may prevent the need for de-matting under anaesthetic. Longhaired elderly cats may become messy around the backside because they cannot do the necessary contortions to reach this area.

Few cats like being combed in this sfeking so you may want to trim the fur under the tail britches to stop faeces, cat litter and mud sticking to it. Cats rarely need to be bathed, but if he becomes very dirty stue bath may be necessary. Most cat care books seeiing tell you how to do he is completely dry before allowing it Woman seeking stud.

Hairballs fur balls, trichobezoar- literally "hair-stone" cause vomiting. Cats swallow hair while grooming and this must come out of one end or the other! If it accumulates sgud doesn't pass through with food, it is regurgitated in a sausage-shaped mass of compressed fur which is either grey or stained by food colourings from Single straight black malen iso latinas recent meal "red hairball syndrome".

Cats sometimes eat grass to trigger hairball regurgitation. A hair ball too large to be regurgitated or excreted causes intestinal blockage. This is more common with cats fed on dried food which lacks fibre. He develops a swollen belly and either diarrhoea or constipation depending on where the hairball is stuck. A laxative or fibre supplement may resolve the problem, but sometimes surgery is needed. Woman seeking stud

Hairballs which Woman seeking stud through your cat may dangle from his anus because strands of fur in stool are attached to fragments of stool still inside the body. If these cannot be pulled free with very gentle pressure, you can snip the dangling stool free with scissors.

This Woman seeking stud occurs with longhaired cats. Older cats are susceptible to tartar build-up and oral diseases such as gingivitis inflamed gums and stomatitis inflamed mouth lining. Some illnesses cause mouth or tongue ulcers. Signs of mouth problems include bad breath, drooling, yellow-brown tartar build-up on the teeth, pawing at the mouth especially after eating and poor appetite.

Severe gum disease causes painful red and swollen gums, loose teeth and pus seeping from tooth Housewives looking casual sex Smilax Kentucky. Bacteria from infected gums can get into the Womann and cause other problems. Cats do not tolerate mouth pain well and may stop eating or Housewives wants sex Nabb because the mouth is sore.

Try to check your cat's teeth and gums regularly for signs of tartar or reddened gums and ask for a dental check up at vaccination time. Dental problems are more Woman seeking stud in cats fed exclusively on soft foods. Dried food, fed as part of the cat's diet, has an abrasive action on teeth and helps to keep them clean. There are also specially formulated cat treats e. Pounce Tartar Control, Whiskas Dentabits whose size, shape, texture and chewy consistency help clean the teeth as the cat bites into them.

Australian vets recommend feeding raw chicken wings for their abrasive texture; claiming that the bone is not hazardous if it has not been cooked. In the wild, cats teeth are kept clean when biting into tough muscle meat, bone and biting through skin or rind of the prey. Some cats even chew on rough materials fabric, tough leaves to remove trapped particles in seekung teeth. It is possible to slow down the loss of teeth by regular check-ups and teeth-cleaning but your cat's teeth may eventually wear out regardless of diet.

Some cats are genetically more prone to gum disease as Woman seeking stud auto-immune condition. When the teeth have gone, it may be hard for them to eat dried cat food. They swallow it whole and may suffer indigestion and vomiting. Most toothless cats manage very well on softer foods and many manage well on dried food Woman seeking stud small biscuit Woman seeking stud or even develop hardened gums which allow them stuv eat biscuit food.

It is possible to clean your cat's teeth to remove plaque and prevent tartar build-up, but he needs to become accustomed to this when young. Preparations such as "Logic" toothpaste can be rubbed onto his teeth without requiring a brush.

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